Diplai Beel: Past and Present

                                    (A beautiful Landscape of Diplai Beel park)

Special Coverage(Article): The Diplai Beel(lake) has a history with a beautiful proverb that there was a Choudagar (merchant) in the ancient time and he had two wives,namely Dhir and Diplai.But between two wives always zealous was each other.So, the Choudagar (merchant)had separated them to stay within the two hill side, where still Dhir and Diplai are existing. There was also a proverb that one who wanted help from Diplai(goddess) he or she used to get it and in return had to give something to her.

Diplai Beel is a large natural wetland covering an area of 4.14 sq km .It is the state’s first Bird Sanctuary(Wild Sanctuary) having varieties of local birds as well as migratory one can be seen.This lake is situated 22 km from Kokrajhar town on the southern side and the western side of the lake is surrounded by Boro,Rava and Garo community and on the north-eastern side is surrounded by hills with forest where Golden languor (mwkra Gufur) can be seen.

Diplai Beel has 3301 bighas of land and in this lake a lot of variety types of fishes are found like magur,singi,row,borali,tengwna,thuri,kusiya,kachew etc.because Diplai Beel is existed full of water for the whole season.In this way,before 2005,Diplai Beel was under the Govt. and tendered for selling of fishes by a contractor and during that time a local youth club Bhaodia had maintained till 2009.

But after the creation of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), Govt.has take steps for development of Diplai Beel as Eco-Tourism Park. A most local social activist youth Sri Jimbo Basumatary with his group members had taken an active role to bring this intervention into reality.In this way,they unanimously re-christened its name as Diplai Beel Golden Languor Children’s Park.

Earlier, this place was also name known as “Khurua Basha”, Khurua is a kind bird and Basha means nest or dwelling place. Khurua Birds(Dao Khurua) make hole on trees to live in. So, in the dense forest of this place many Khurua Birds were found and in this way , the name of this place was kept as Khurua Basha by the local people. The other species like deer , foxes ,newls, daojeng,parrots,maina ,jungle duck,monkey,golden languor,migratory birds, jungle hens (daomasar) etc. were also available and still can be found in the hills of north-eastern side of the existing park. Later on,day by day, the local people started to felling the trees and cleaned up the jungles for shelter and fishing in the lake. And today the tourism department of BTC has developed the infrastructure of this location and made as amusement park. Today  many outsider visitors come here to enjoy with its natural beauty even some foreigners also come to see the world’s rare species golden languor.It has 
become now favourite picnic spot and boating  lake for the visitors.

This Diplai Beel Golden Languor Park is no Parallel to it in Assam.It is –

1     State’s first Bird Sanctuary (Wildlife Sanctuary) now under BTC

2   A world Heritage Site

3  A biosphere reserve

     A prestigious project area of Golden Languor

       Important bird area of the World

The Park is covered by the grassland of Terai and Bhabar Type; the riparian areas are colonizing grasslands and woodlands of serai species. The thick woodlands and called various the eastern moist deciduous forests of various types. The under growths are very thick.There are various types of trees are seen about 650 species of the Angiosperms alone. The commonly seen trees are simul,sissoo,khair,gambari,bhoura,sal titsasaf etc. and variety bamboos are also available.

Conservation Values:

The Biodiversity is very rich here and semi-evergreen forest area, so it is very much  enjoyable side. Diplai Beel is only the protected area accorded with six different conservation status.This is an unparalleled example in Assam.

Significant Flora and Fauna:

Golden Languor( Trachypithecus geei) is an endangered and endemic primate to the region and lives in the undisturbed forest on the copy in western parts of Manas. The Local people hold a key to conserving this languor and its habitat.Locally called sonali  bandor or mwkra gufur and also various types of animals are found like leopards , deer, swine and some wonderful reptiles and insects.Many more medical plants, herbs,creepers are also can be seen.

How to go there:

It is only 22 Km from the Kokrajhar town and 10 to 15 km from the 31 no National Highway i.e. from Salkocha .

The nearest two airports are Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport,Guwahati,is only 207 km via 37 no NH and 251 km via 31 no NH and another airport Bagdogra International Airport,West Bengal , is about 288 km via 31 C NH  from Diplai Beel.

The nearest rail station is Kokrajhar .There is private bus and Taxi services are also from Kokrajhar to Diplai Beel Golden Languor Children’s Park.


There is a beautiful Guest House for accommodation in the spot and if necessary advance booking may be made. For lunch and dinner local meet, fish,veg.items are served.
General Information:

Climate: Subtropical

Altitude: 39-199 m

Rainfall : 3500-1050 mm

Temperature : 7p C-38 p c

Seasons : Summer : March to May

Monsoon : June to September

Winter : December to February

Location :Kokrajhar District Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) ,Assam

Fringe Village: A. Balaghat B. Bamunpara C. Kaljani D. Chotipara C. Pokoripara

Composition:  Bodo,Garo,Rava & Rajbongshi

Month of Visit: Whole year

Time of Visit : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm except holding night.

Conservation and Eco-Tourism

1.      To conserve the Diplai Beel Golden Languor Park Biosphere reserve with preference to its core zone

2.      To establish and develop eco-tourism and community tourism based on conservation of Diplai Beel Golden Languor Children’s Park.

3.      To motivate and create awareness towards conservation of nature and environment among the people.

4.      To bring about a socio-economic and educational development in the fringe village of DBGLP.Through eco –Tourism and Community Tourism.

So, it can be said that lifeline for the community living in the fringe area and a big source of revenue of BTC. In this point of view, conservation of Diplai Beel Golden Languor Children’s Park is of utmost important. It also can be developed as one of the biggest Eco-Tourism Parks in the North East because it has a great potentiality.The people of Bodoland whole heartedly should take part in the protection of all species of Flora and Fauna of this park and area specially the Tourism  Department of BTC govt. must take the enthusiastic initiative to develop it along with the local youth organization and stake holder.

Words by Fengkha Khungur Gayary

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